Prices in the Red Light District of Dongguan, China

A report in the New York Times highlighted the sex industry of Dongguan, China. The red light distict in Dongguan is considered to be one of the most developed sex trade areas in all of China. However, in February and March 2014, Chinese security services have begun to crack down on the sex trade in the city.

Prior to the crackdown, the NY Times reported that the cost to hire a woman for two hours in an upscale brothel would cost about $160 (1,000 renminbi.)

Brothel owners also advertised job openings to women in the area. One help-wanted sign in the city stated that a prostitute could make between $1,640 to $4,900 a month. If a woman only wanted to be a karaoke bar hostess, then the woman could make up to $1,300 a month plus tips.

The scale of the sex trade on the local economy was being felt as business dried up due to the government crackdown. One club manager stated that two out of five people in the area would lose their jobs if the sex industry continued to be shut down. Another club owner stated that he was losing $10,000 per day in expenses and lost revenue. One taxi driver stated that he could make up to $120 per night from commissions paid out by brothel owners when he would bring customers to their location.

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Source:  Edward Wong, “Red Lights Dim in China’s Sin City,” New York Times, March 6, 2014.

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