Sea Turtle Egg Smuggling

The World Wildlife Fund in Indonesia reported that smugglers are profiting from the price difference in sea turtle eggs in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In Indonesia, the price of a single turtle egg at local markets costs $0.13 (1,500 Indonesian Rupiah). In Malaysia, the price of a single turtle egg is $0.23 (2,600 Rupiah).

Turtle egg smuggling has been an issue facing nature protection officials in Indonesia. Around 2,000 green turtles nest at one beach in Indonesia each year. In 2009, wildlife activities reported that 2,146 turtle nests had eggs taken from them. After local police increased surveillance, the percent of looted nests decreased to 26 percent in 2011 and 22 percent in 2012.

In 2013, egg smuggling has increased in the villages of Sebubus and Temajuk, where the number of nests ransacked increased by 40 percent and 95 percent.

(Prices of the illegal wildlife trade.)

Source:  Severianus Endi, “Sea turtle egg smuggling on the rise,” Jakarta Post, October 6, 2013.