Worldwide Pirate Attacks in 2012

There were a total of 297 pirate attacks that took place around the world in 2012, according to statistics collected by the International Maritime Bureau. 28 ship vessels were hijacked and 585 crew members were taken hostage and held for ransom during the year. 6 people were killed during the year.

Sea piracy off the coast of Somalia decreased to 75 pirate attacks, compared to 237 in 2011. Somali pirates were able to hijack 14 ships in 2012, compared to the 28 that they held for ransom the year before.

(Additional kidnap for ransom statistics.)

In 2011, there were 439 reported pirate attacks around the world.

Source:  Associated Press, “World Sea Piracy Falls to Five-Year Low in 2012,” ABC News, January 16, 2013.