Sales of Fake Products in Argentina in 2009

Counterfeit goods in Argentina account for 75 percent of all sales made within the country, according to an estimate published by the European Trade Commission.

Among the items in Argentina’s counterfeiting industry:

  • Counterfeit sparkling wine producers in Argentina sell 4 million bottles a year.┬áThe counterfeit bottles misappropriate the geographic indications of where the sparkling wine was produced, and sales of the counterfeit bottles make up to 50 percent of the total market.
  • The sale of counterfeit pesticides in Argentina leads to losses of $26 Million (18.5 Million Euros) for legitimate agrochemical producers.
  • Sales of counterfeit cigarettes account for 8.8 percent of all cigarettes sales in Argentina.
  • Up to $100 Million in revenue is lost each year due to movie and television piracy.┬áThe total losses is equal to about 52 percent of the total potential movie market.


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  1. Source: “Argentina: IPR Enforcement Report 2009,” European Trade Commission, June 25, 2009.

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