Russian Gangs Involved in Smuggling Drugs

Russia’s Counter-Narcotics Agency stated that there are nearly 1,900 organized crime groups and 150 major drug cartels that are trafficking illegal drugs into Russia. These illegal networks operate in Central Asia and use 100,000 drug mules to transport heroin from Afghanistan into Russia.

Intelligence agencies across Russia estimate that there are over 2,000 drug processing laboratories in Northern Afghanistan that produced heroin exclusively for the Russian market.

Nearly 1.5 million people in Russia are addicted to heroin, with roughly 30,000 people dying each year from heroin abuse. Nearly 150,000 people are arrested each year for drug offenses.

(Cost of heroin around the world.)

Source:  “1,900 Gangs Smuggling Afghan Drugs to Russia – Anti-Narcotics Agency,” RIA Novosti, September 13, 2013.