Incidents of Corruption in Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Between January 1, 1995 and December 31, 2005, there were 322 incidents of corruption found within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, according to an internal study conducted by the police agency.

In the 322 incidents, a total of 224 RCMP members were involved in the cases.

Most of the cases involved Mounties improperly giving out confidential details obtained from police databanks to family, friends and even criminals. The second most violations involved fraud cases, where officers misused government credit cards and expense reports.

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Other types of cases included misuse use of police officer status, theft, and interference with the judicial process, which included activities such as ticket fixing, perjury and falsifying evidence.

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Source:  Canadian Press, “Corruption ‘can fester’ in Mountie ranks unless addressed, RCMP study says,” CTV News, May 18, 2014.