Racketeering by Bikies in Australia

Security services in Australia estimate that outlaw biker gangs generate up to $9 Billion (10 Billion Australian Dollars) in annual revenues each year through various racketeering methods. Bikies account for up to two thirds of the total organized crime revenue that is generated in Australia.

Over the past 10 years, the number of bikie gangs in Australia increased by nearly 50 percent, according to the Australian Crime Commission. There are now a total of 44 separate bike gangs that have 179 chapters across the country. A total of 4,483 members are involved with the gangs.

The largest bikie gang in Australia is the Rebels, which has 1,200 members. The most common industries where the Rebels make legitimate earnings and wash their money is in the construction, transport and retail industries. Although most of the Rebels members pay taxes, financial crimes officials state that many members have “unexplained wealth” that include luxury cars and boats, as well as complex financial arrangements such as trusts, partnerships and companies.

(More examples of racketeering by organized crime groups.)

Source:  “Financial crackdown on Australia’s $10 billion bikie gang economy,” News.com.au, November 23, 2013.