Prostitution Revenue By Country

Total Prostitution Revenue Worldwide:  $186 Billion.

Havocscope calculates the world’s prostitution revenue by adding up the estimated market values from countries where prostitution revenue is available. The revenue estimates comes from a wide range of sources, such as public health programs, law enforcement initiatives and other criminal justice programs, as well as media reports.

Sources for the revenue figures and additional information about prostitution is available in our ebook Prostitution: Prices and Statistics of the Global Sex Trade.


  1. China$73 Billion
  2. Spain$26.5 Billion
  3. Japan$24 Billion
  4. Germany$18 Billion (Legal Industry)
  5. United States$14.6 Billion
  6. South Korea$12 Billion
  7. India$8.4 Billion
  8. Thailand$6.4 Billion
  9. Philippines$6 Billion
  10. Turkey$4 Billion
  11. Switzerland$3.5 Billion
  12. Indonesia$2.25 Billion
  13. Taiwan$1.84 Billion
  14. Ukraine$1.5 Billion
  15. Bulgaria$1.3 Billion
  16. United Kingdom$1 Billion
  17. Netherlands$800 Million (Legal Industry)
  18. Italy$600 Million
  19. Cambodia$511 Million
  20. Israel$500 Million
  21. Ireland$326 Million
  22. Czech Republic$200 Million
  23. Jamaica$58 Million
  24. Australia$27 Million

Original sources of these figures and additional prostitution earnings and revenues are available in our prostitution briefing book.


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