Prostitution Rates in Limerick, Ireland

According to criminal justice departments in Ireland,  a prostitution ring operated by Romanians is controlling the prostitution trade in the city of Limerick, Ireland.

The ring was charging customers between $107 to $133 (€80 to €100) for a half-hour of sex when the customers booked online. When women were soliciting customers on the streets of Limerick, the going rate for a half hour of sex was between $40 to $66 (€30 – €50).

The prostitutes are reportedly able to make anywhere from $669 to $$1,338 (€500 to €1,000) a night. The girls are able to keep roughly 20 percent of the revenue, with the rest being used to pay for accommodations and profits sent to the leaders of the ring.

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Source:  Kathryn Hayes, “Romanians behind city vice racket,” Independent, August 25, 2013.