Prostitution in Vietnam

Update: January 12, 2014: Latest figures state that there are 33,000 prostitutes working in Vietnam in 2013.

According to security services, there are over 180,000 legal establishments such as hotels, karaoke bars and massage parlors across the country that employ up to 60,000 female employees. Out of that total, up to 7,000 women in those establishments are suspected of being sex workers.

The prostitution industry in Vietnam has lead to an increase in HIV infections across the country. Statistics from public health programs reported that there were 213,400 people across Vietnam that were living with HIV as of May 2013. In the first 5 months of 2013, officials reported 4,4000 new cases of HIV.

In the city of Can Tho, 75 percent of new HIV infections were due to sexual relations.

(Price of prostitutes worldwide.)

Source:  “The naked truth about prostitution in Vietnam,” Thanh Nien, July 14, 2013.