Havocscope Briefing Book on Prostitution

Prostitution Factbook

Prostitution: Prices and Statistics of the Global Sex Trade

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How much money is spent each year in the global sex trade? How many prostitutes are there in the world? How much does it cost to buy a prostitute for sex in certain markets? These are some of the facts and figures that are included in our fact book. All information and statistics is presented in a quick, easy to understand manner. Information included in this brief book include:

  • The estimated revenue of prostitution in 24 countries.
  • The estimated number of prostitutes in 28 countries.
  • Key facts about prostitution in the United States, as well as data about the legal prostitution industry in Nevada.
  • The reported prices that clients pay for sex in various countries.
  • Key facts and statistics about prostitution activities, arrests, and market activities from over 20 countries.

In total, there are over 150 documented sources of prostitution activities worldwide listed in this factbook. These facts and figures can help any student, researcher,  or interested person learn more about the global sex trade.

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