Prostitution Arrests in South Korea

In 2009, security services in South Korea arrested 73,000 people for various prostitution charges across the country.

In 2012, officials arrested 21,123 people.

Although final figures were unavailable, South Korean media stated that criminal justice programs increased enforcement in 2013 due to criticism on the lower arrest rates. In a single day in December, authorities arrested 650 people for prostitution related charges. During the raids, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency shut down 231 illegal gambling dens and brothels that were operating across the city.

Between November and December 2013, criminal justice agencies shut down a total of 76 illegal brothels that were operating in South Korea.

(Cost of prostitution around the world.)

Source:  Yoon Ha-youn, “Over 600 arrested in crackdown on sex, gambling crimes: Seoul,” Asia One, December 16, 2013.