Prostitution Arrests in Hong Kong in 2013

Police in Hong Kong arrested 277 women for prostitution offenses in 2013 Most of the women working as prostitutes went to the island from the mainland provinces of Hunana, Hubei, Sichuana nd Fujian.

The ages of the prostitutes arrested in Hong Kong ranged from 17 to 60. The younger girls would work at a brothel, while the older women would solicit older or retired men on the streets.

A 17 year old girl who moved to Hong Kong from Sichuan province stated that she chose to work as a prostitute in order to make more money. Customers were paying the girl $50 to $65 (300 to 400 Chinese Yuan) per activity.

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Source:  “Hong Kong authorities crack down on sex workers from mainland China,” Want China Times, December 29, 2013.

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