Prices to Buy Essay Writing Service Online

Online websites that offer to write essays and college papers reportedly charge between $13 to $40 per page. The price for the paper varies depending on how quickly the paper needs to be written, as well as the grade level of the customer.

In an interview with a ghost writer conducted by Gulf News, one writer who caters to the Middle East stated that he charges about $27 (100 UAE Dirham) per page, but could charge as much as $544 (2,000 Dirham) per page depending on the topic. The ghost writer stated that the end of the semester is his busiest time, where he could be writing papers for up to 40 clients. He writes out each paper using original research, and caters his English language skills to match his client. After he writes the paper, he explains the ideas and concepts with the customer so that the student can defend the paper to the instructor.

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Another ghost writer, who works full time in an corporate setting, claims that she can make up to $1361 (5,000 Dirham) for writing a paper on a short deadline.

In the United Kingdom, the online essay writing industry is estimated to be worth $330 Million (£200 Million).

Source:  Noor Nazzal, “Sale of black-market essays to university students on the rise,” Gulf News, December 28, 2013.