Prices of the Baby Selling Industry in Nigeria

Security service personnel in Nigeria found a baby selling industry where new born babies are taken from their mothers and sold on the black market. In one such clinic, most of the mothers were unmarried and had unplanned pregnancies and were either persuaded or voluntarily sold their baby.

The mother would receive $200 for her baby when sold to the broker, who may also serve as the midwife. The broker then sells the baby to another party for $1,500. Although there are rumors that the babies are sold to witchdoctors for occult rituals, security forces say that most of the babies are sold to couples who cannot conceive a child.

According to the United Nations, human trafficking is the third largest crime in Nigeria behind fraud and drug trafficking.

Source:  AFP, “Nigerian ‘baby factories’ bring profits and pain,” Google News, September 8, 2013.