Price to Hire a US Soldier As A Contract Killer

The Juarez drug cartel in Mexico hired a United States soldier to act as a hit man to kill a confidential informant living in the United States. According to security officials, the drug cartel paid the American soldier $5,000 to kill the informant in El Paso, Texas. The soldier killed the man with 8 rounds.

In a separate incident, two military soldiers stationed in the US state of Colorado plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire when they offered their services to undercover federal agents. Then men thought that they were offering their “wet work” to the Los Zetals cartel. They offered their services for $50,000 and 5 kilograms of cocaine.

(Hitman for hire on the black market.)

Source:  Deborah Hastings, “U.S. soldiers accepting cash, drugs for Mexican drug cartel contract hits,” New York Daily News, September 13, 2013.