Price to Buy Sperm on the Black Market in China

In China, around 40 million people believe the ages of 20 to 40 have been diagnosed as having fertility problems. Health experts are attributing problems with men’s sperm to severe environmental pollution in China. According to the doctor of Shanghai’s main sperm bank, sperm grows abnormally and stops swimming when pollution is too severe.

In a 10 year study of male infertility in China, two-thirds of the semen¬† at a sperm bank failed to meet the World Health Organization’s standards on healthy sperm count levels.

In addition to a lack of healthy sperm, there is a shortage of willing donors to sperm banks.

Due to the shortage, women are turning to the black market in order to obtain sperm. According to press reports, woman are willing to pay up to $4,900 (30,000 Yuan) for sperm.

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Source:¬† Gwynn Guilford, “Pollution has damaged Chinese sperm so much that a black-market shot costs up to $4,900,” Quartz, November 7, 2013.