Price to Buy Crystal Meth in Montana

According to intelligence released by criminal justice programs in Montana, a gram of meth sold on the streets of Montana goes for $187 per gram on average.

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The state has seen an increase in the amount of meth being seized by police. In 2011, security forces seized 818 grams in Helena, Montana. In the first month of 2014, over 828 grams of meth has been seized.

In 2012, a total of $128,000 worth of meth was seized by the Helena Police Department during the entire year. In the first month of 2014, $150,000 worth of meth was seized.

An estimated 50 percent of prison inmates in the state are serving time for meth-related cries. The cost to house these inmates costs the Montana Government $60 Million a year. Nearly 20 percent of adults in drug treatment centers are addicted to methamphetamine. The drug rehab program in Montana costs the state around $6 Million a year.

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Source:  Melissa Anderson, “The cost of meth in Montana,” KAJ18, February 13, 2014.