Price of Stolen Credit Cards from Target on the Black Market

In December 2013, it was reported that US retailer Target had a data breach where 40 million credit cards and debit cards were stolen. The thieves stole the information when customers made purchases starting on November 27, 2013, which was Black Friday. The breach lasted until December 15, 2013.

By December 18, 2013, the credit card numbers were available for sale at online black market forums where credit cards and identity sets are sold. According to security researcher Brian Kreb, who broke the story, the prices of these cards were available for purchase for $26.60 to $44.80. The forums does not accept payment in credit cards, so buyers would need to pay for these products by  Bitcoin or other virtual currencies.

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Source:  Brian Kreb, “Cards Stolen in Target Breach Flood Underground Markets,” Krebs on Security, December 20, 2013.