Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse statistics and information is based upon public documents. Sources include public health organizations, news articles, drug addiction treatment programs, and other government agencies. Click on the prescription drug abuse facts for additional information.

Prescription Drug Abuse Facts

  1. Abusers Who Bought Pills on the Black Market15%
  2. Abusers Who Received Pills by “Doctor Shopping”25%
  3. Abusers Who Received Pills From Family or Friends25%
  4. Actavis Promethazine Cough Syrup with Codeine2 pints for $600
  5. Addicted or Misusing Americans Over 55 Years Old336,000 in 2012
  6. Australian Steroids Users74% of all drug injecting users
  7. Babies Born Addicted to OpiatesEvery hour in US
  8. Black market value$72.5 Billion
  9. Cancer Drugs on Turkey Black Market$482 for Deticene, $64 for Purinethol
  10. College Students Taking Adderall31%
  11. ER Visits in NYC for Prescription Drug Overdose6,555 in 2010
  12. Fentanyl Price on the Black Market$80 to $240 for patch in Canada
  13. High School Students Abusing Prescription Drugs1 in 5
  14. High School Students Using Sizzrup5.5%
  15. Ketamine Price – Cambodia Pharmacy$18 to $25 for half gram vial
  16. Legitimate Pharmaceutical Drugs Available on Black Market25%
  17. National Football League Pain Killer Abuse7% of players
  18. Opiate Pain Reliever Overdose Deaths of Women6,631 in 2010
  19. Oxycodone Price on the Black Market$15 per pill
  20. Painkiller Overdose Deaths in Canada3,757 between 2002 and 2011
  21. Pharmacy RobberiesOver 1,800 in 3 year period
  22. Prescription Drug Abuse Impact on Insurance$70 Billion per year
  23. Prescription Drug Addicts in USA Receiving Treatment10%
  24. Prescription Drugs Overdose Deaths in Britain807 in 2013
  25. Prescription Drugs Overdose Deaths in US in 19994,030
  26. Prescription Drugs Overdose Deaths in US in 201013,652
  27. Unlicensed Online Pharmacies38% of Germans Bought Pills Online
  28. US Military Soldiers Abusing Prescription Drugs11%
  29. US usage of world supply of pain killers80%
  30. Valium Price – Cambodia Pharmacy30 pills for $30
  31. Valium Price on Black Market
  32. Vicodin Price on the Black Market$5 per pill

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