Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Abuse in Las Vegas

841 people in Clark County (which includes the city of Las Vegas) died in 2012 from accidentally overdosing on drugs. Most of the deaths involved prescription drugs.

As previously mentioned, there is a direct link between the rise in prescription drug abuse and a rise in heroin abuse across the United States, and the link is demonstrated again in Nevada. In 2006, there were 266 people who entered drug rehab centers for treatment regarding addictions to prescription drugs. In 2012, the number of patients increased to 616.

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Heroin treatment programs also saw an increase in admissions. In 2006, a total of 607 people sought treatment for heroin addiction in Nevada. In 2012, the number increased to 931.

Heroin use increases due to its cheaper price on the black market when compared to prescription drugs. One pill of Vicodin can cost $5, with an addict needing up to 10 pills a day. A bag of heroin can cost $10, with two to three hits lasting the entire day, thus saving the user $20 to $30 when switching to heroin.

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Source:¬† Jackie Valley, “Lawmen focus on biggest drug problem: overdoses of prescribed¬†meds,” Las Vegas Sun, December 17, 2013.