Percentage of Counterfeit Shipped From China

In 2010, counterfeit goods exported from China accounted for 63 percent of all fake goods seizures, according to the World Customs Organization.

In 2012, the amount of counterfeits seized worldwide that was shipped from China fell to 43 percent.

During this time period, the amount of fake goods shipped out of Hong Kong has increased. In 2006, the amount of counterfeits seized in the European Union that came from Hong Kong was 1 percent. In 2012, the amount rose to 7.8 percent. In the United States, the rate from Hong Kong was 11 percent in 2009. By 2012, the seizure rate increased to 33 percent.

Source:  Sijia Jiang, “73pc of Hong Kongers admit to buying fake goods – and don’t feel guilty about it,” South China Morning Post, September 29, 2013.