Organized Crime: Extortion and Racketeering Profits

Information about organized crime groups, their membership, and their activities today. The statistics about extortion and racketeering listed below are collected from government and security agencies, media articles and other public reports. More information about the crimes and business activities of the transnational crime groups can be seen by clicking on the data.

Click on the extortion or racketeering value for more information about that criminal activity and income made on the black market.

Organized Crime Extortion and Racketeering Profits

  1. ‘Ndragheta Racketeering Profit$65 Billion per year
  2. Australia – Bikies Racketeering$9 Billion per year
  3. Australia – Effects of Organized Crime to Economy$15.8 Billion
  4. Brazil Prison Gang Racketeering Revenue$60 Million per year
  5. Bulgarian Racketeering Profit$2.2 Billion per year
  6. Canada Organized Crime Groups900 in 2008
  7. Chinese Organized Crime – Racketeering in Italy$3.3 Billion
  8. Extortion Cases in Mexico8,042 reported in 2013
  9. Extortion Money – Colombia$1 Billion per year
  10. Extortion Money – Honduras$62.6 Million per year
  11. Extortion Money – ISIS$1 Million per month in 2014
  12. Extortion Racket – Pakistan$2.5 Million per year
  13. Fraud and Online Theft Gangs in Europe1,300 across Europe
  14. Greece – Loan Shark Racket Profit$6.2 to $12.5 Billion per year
  15. Guatemala – Drug Trafficking Organizations$289 Million
  16. Indonesia – Racketeering Profit$1 Billion per year
  17. Iran – Racketeering Revenue$3 Billion from Heroin
  18. Italian Mafia – Farming Racketeering$19.2 Billion
  19. Italian Mafia -Waste Dumping Racket$1.2 Billion in 2012
  20. Italian Mafia Murders3,374 between 1992 and 2010
  21. Italian Mafia Revenue$204 Billion
  22. Italian Mafia Revenue – ‘Ndrangheta$4.6 Billion in 2012
  23. Italian Mafia Revenue – Camorra$5 Billion in 2012
  24. Italian Mafia Revenue – Cosa Nostra$2.5 Billion in 2012
  25. Italy – Witness Protection4,700 people in 2010
  26. Jamaica Gangs300
  27. Japanese Yakuza$242 Bilion
  28. Japanese Yakuza – Members$15 Billion in Football (Soccer) fixes per year
  29. Mexico – Children Involved in Drug Trade30,000
  30. Mexico Prison GangsControl 60% of prisons
  31. Mob Killings – Israel500 in 2013
  32. Mob Killings of Lawyers59 in Honduras
  33. Montenegro Organized Crime Groups35 in 2011
  34. MS-13 – Gang Members30,000
  35. Myanmar – Drug Trafficking Organizations50 trafficking meth
  36. New York City Mafia700 full-time, 7,000 associates in 20013
  37. Northern Ireland Organized Crime Groups180
  38. Organized Crime Groups in Europe3,600
  39. Organized Crime Impact in Central America$6.5 Billion per year
  40. Organized Crime Impact on World GDP15%
  41. Organized Crime Racketeering Worldwide$322 Billion
  42. Payment Card Racket – EU$1.9 Billion in Europe
  43. Peru Racketeering$6 Billion per year
  44. Romania Organized Crime Groups240 gangs in country
  45. Russia Cyber Crime Revenue$60 Million per year selling Spam
  46. Russian Gangs Membership300,000
  47. United Kingdom Gang Members37,000 in 5,500 gangs
  48. United Kingdom Racketeering$38.6 Billion per year
  49. Vietnam Human Trafficking Rings235

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