Organized Crime Groups in Romania

Intelligence officials with Europol has identified 240 organized crime groups operating within Romania. These gangs are responsible for 6.7 percent of all criminal networks that are active across Europe.

Many of the criminal gangs are involved in rackets such as  payment card fraud and pickpocketing. 90 percent of the card-skimming crimes that takes place in Europe are done by gangs in Romania and Bulgaria.

The director of Europol stated that many of the gangs use low-cost airlines to travel quickly and cheaply across the EU. The gangs would fly into one city, conduct their pickpocketing crimes and card-skimming, and then quickly leave the city at the end of the day. It was previously reported that a pickpocket can make up to $6,000 a week targeting tourists.

(More illegal income from the underground economy.)

Source:  “Gangs ‘Use Budget Airlines For Crime Sprees’,” Sky News,  October 2, 2013.