Illegal Pirated Streams of Sochi Olympic Winter Games

American broadcaster NBC reported that it shut down 45,000 illegally posted video clips or online pirate streams of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Company officials state that 20,000 video clips of the competition was prevented from appearing on YouTube. This was done through filtering technology of the video, as well as flagging the video and manually pulling it down after its been posted.

An additional 20,000 videos was prevented from appearing on other video websites such as Dailymotion and

The remaining 5,000 video was internet streaming sties that were providing coverage of the Winter Games.

According to officials, up to 98 percent of the people viewing the Olympics online were using legal channels.

NBC paid $775 Million for the exclusive American television and streaming rights of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Source:  Associated Press, “NBC Says Thousands of Illegal Video Stopped,” ABC News, February 27, 2014.