Online Piracy Rate in the UK in 2012-2013

A study conducted for Ofcom indicated that nearly one in four downloads on the Internet in the United Kingdom involves a pirated material. The study covered the time period of May 2012 to May 2013.

Most of the illegally downloaded content in the UK is done by a small percentage of users. According to the study, 2 percent of  UK Internet users account fro almost 75 percent of online piracy. The most popular form of pirated content during the time period was movies, with 35 percent of the total number of movies viewed online was pirated.

The Internet users who were the most active illegal downloaders were also found to spend the more money for legal content. On average, users who pirate content spend $41.10 (£26) every three months of legal downloads. Internet users who do not commit piracy spent $25.32 (£16) on legal content every three months.

Source:  “Ofcom: Piracy accounts for one in four downloads,” BBC News, September 11, 2013.