Cost to Buy Nyaope in South Africa

Nyaope, or Whoonga, is a street drug that is popular in South Africa. The drug is made up of various products, such as marijuana, low-grade heroin, rat poison and HIV-antiretrovirals. The drug is sold on the black market for $30 (30 South African Rand).

Public health programs in South Africa  started noticing  incidents of the drugs beginning in 2007 and have seen a rise in the number of cases. At a single drug treatment center near Johannesburg, 63 people received treatment for nyaope addiction in April 2013. In June, the number of addicts receiving drug treatment increased to 134, and 223 patients were recorded in August 2013.

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Source:¬† “South Africa’s poorest hooked on cocktail of heroin and anti-HIV drugs,” NBC News, October 31, 2013.