Number of Prostitutes in Las Vegas

State officials estimate that there are around 30,000 prostitutes working in the city of Las Vegas. Unlike other areas of Nevada, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas.

The high number of sex workers in Las Vegas has been impacting the legal brothel industry in Nevada. In 1985, there were 37 registered brothels in Nevada. By 2013, the number of legal brothels dropped to 18. In previous years, up to 400,000 clients would visit the brothels.

There are about 1,000 women who work in the legal brothel industry. Each woman pays over 50 percent of her fees to the brothel owner.

(Prostitute prices around the world.)

Source:  David Knowles, “A bad economy and independent prostitutes running Nevada brothels out of business,” New York Daily News, May 10, 2013.