Number of Gangs Operating in Texas in 2012

According to the 2012 Gang Threat Assessment by the Department of Public Safety in Texas, there are around 2,500 gangs operating in the state with roughly 100,000 gang members.

Most of the gangs work with Mexican drug cartels and assit in smuggling in cash, drugs and other black market products into the United States.

The largest gang in Texas as of 2012 was Tango Blast, which has an estimated 10,000 members. The next largest gang is the Texas Mexican Mafia with 6,000 members, followed by Texas Syndicate with 4,500 members and Barrio Azteca with 3,500 members.

Source: ┬áChristina Rosales, “Latest Texas DPS gang report says Tango Blast now a bigger threat than Mexican Mafia,” Dallas Morning News, April 2, 2013.