Number of Drug Addicts in Greece

The Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there were over 250,000 drug addicts in Greece at the start of 2013. Over 10,000 of the drug addicts inject themselves with the use of needles.

The rise of injecting drug users (IDU) in Greece has caused the rate of HIV infections to rise, according to public health programsl. In 2010, there were between 10 to 15 new HIV infections amongst drug users in Greece each year. In 2011, the number of infections rose to 256. In the first six months of 2012, new HIV infection cases hit 314 cases.

HIV infections are also spreading due to many drug addicts turning to prostitution to feed their daily habits. A prostitute recently discovered that she was HIV positive after men would pay more to have sex without a condom.

The prostitute stated that most of her clients are married middle aged Greek men who pay between $12 to $19 (10 to 15 Euros) for sex.

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Source:  Fragkiska Megaloudi, “Crisis Changes Habits of Drug Addicts; Death Toll Rising in Greece,” Greek Reporter, January 7, 2013.

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