North Korean Prostitutes in South Korea

In an article by the Korean Times, a 26 year old female stated that she was working as a prostitute after defecting from North Korea. The woman stated that she borrowed $6,000 from a broker to obtain the necessary documents to help her defect to South Korea. The woman was told that she would be working at a karaoke bar in order to repay the loan.

Once in South Korea, the woman had her passport taken and was forced to work in a brothel. The woman would earn $70 for each session she had with a customer.

The sex industry in South Korea is estimated to be worth $12 Billion, with 46,000 brothels in operation.

(More earnings and income from the black market.)

Source:  Kim Young-jin and Kim Jae-won, “Int;l sex trafficking – Korea’s open secret,” Korea Times, October 14, 2013.