Number of Money Laundering Convictions in Australia

During a ten year span, 15 people were convicted for human trafficking crimes in Australia, according to research conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology.

8 of the 15 were women.

The institute found that all of the women traffickers were born in the same foreign country as the victims and typically came from the same socio-economic status.

Based on reports from criminal justice programs in Australia, none of the people convicted for human trafficking had links to organized crime. The traffickers were generally small operations that relied upon business or family contacts to recruit victims.

In addition to human trafficking, these traffickers in Australia committed immigration fraud such as fake id cards and visa permits, as well as various money laundering activities.

(Price of human trafficking victims.)

Source:  Australian Associated Press, “Human traffickers are mostly women, Australian Institute of Criminology report finds,” Sydney Morning Herald, November 28, 2013.