Methamphetamine Facts: Addiction, Users and Trafficking

Information about methamphetamine, crystal meth, and amphetamines worldwide is collected from police arrest reports, drug treatment centers, and news report. Additional information about the data can be see by click on the methamphetamine facts.

Facts about Meth

  1. Amphetamine / Methamphetamine Market Value$28.25 Billion
  2. Amphetamine Users in the EU14.1 Million Used in lifetime
  3. Bribe to Guard to Smuggling Meth into Prison$5,000
  4. Cambodia Methamphetamine$25,000 to $30,000 per kilogram
  5. Commercial Truck Drivers30% use amphetamines to stay awake
  6. Crystal Meth Addiction in South Africa250,000 in Cape Flats
  7. Crystal Meth Addicts in Indonesia1.2 million
  8. Crystal Meth in Iran375 meth labs and 3,500 kg seized in 2013
  9. Crystal Meth Users in GermanyAverage age of 20
  10. Crystal Meth Users in Pakistan50,000 to 80,000
  11. Ephedrine (Meth Ingredients) Seizures in India – 20091,244 kg
  12. Ephedrine (Meth Ingredients) Seizures in India – 20124,393 kg
  13. Home Meth Labs in Tennessee2,326 in 2011
  14. Iran Crystal Meth Seller$5 per gram, considered a “luxury drug”
  15. Meth Burn Victims Treatment Cost$6,000 per day
  16. Meth in Australia2nd most popular drug after marijuana
  17. Meth in System – NYC0.1% of males arrested
  18. Meth in System-Denver5.9% of males arrested
  19. Meth in System-Portland22.9% of males arrested
  20. Meth in System-Sacramento42.9% of males arrested
  21. Meth Injection Rate – Australia3.4% of users
  22. Meth Injection Rate – Cambodia12% of users
  23. Meth Injection Rate – China11% of users
  24. Meth Injection Rate – Thailand9% of users
  25. Meth Lab Clean up Costs$2,500 to $5,000 per lab
  26. Meth Labs Busted with Children Inside30%
  27. Meth Labs Discovered in 201015,000
  28. Meth Labs in Ohio – 2008112
  29. Meth Labs in Ohio 2013770 in 8 months
  30. Meth Labs in SE Asia in 1999300
  31. Meth Labs in SE Asia in 2009700
  32. Meth Overdose Deaths in San Diego217 in 2012
  33. Meth Pills Seized in Thailand 201155 million pills
  34. Meth Pills Seized in Thailand 201283 million pills
  35. Meth Pills Seized in Thailand 2013120 million pills
  36. Meth Sales in New Zealand$1.25 Billion per year
  37. Meth Trafficking into USA70% through San Diego
  38. Methamphetamine Seized Worldwide in 200812 tons
  39. Methamphetamine Seized Worldwide in 201236 tons
  40. Minors Arrested for Trafficking Meth From Mexico-20095
  41. Minors Arrested for Trafficking Meth From Mexico-201027
  42. Minors Arrested for Trafficking Meth From Mexico-201140
  43. Minors Arrested for Trafficking Meth From Mexico-201375
  44. Montana Meth Related Crimes50% of prison inmates
  45. North Korea Meth Addiction40 to 50% in Northern Areas
  46. North Korean Meth Purity99%
  47. Saudi Arabia Meth SeizuresAccounted for 30% of world’s seizures
  48. Shabu Users – Philippines2.1% of population
  49. Shake and Bake Meth Cooking Time45 min
  50. Sinaloa Cartel Control of US Meth Market80% in 2013
  51. Yaba pills seized in Bangladesh – 200836,000
  52. Yaba pills seized in Bangladesh – 2012Nearly 2 million
  53. Yaba Production in Golden Triangle1.4 billion pills worth $8.5 Billion
  54. Yaba Users in Thailand600,000

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