Meth Trafficking and Yaba in Thailand

The Office of  the Narcotics Control Board in Thailand released its statistics on meth trafficking arrests in Thailand for 2013.

According to figures from criminal justice programs, there were 431,000 drug related arrests across Thailand in 2013. The number of arrests have been increasing each year, with 386,000 arrests in 2012 and 224,000 arrests in 2011.

Along with an increase in drug arrests, the number of methamphetamine pills seized by police has continued to increase. In 2011, police seized 55 million meth pills. In 2012, the number increased to 83 million and further increased to 120 million meth pills being seized in 2013.

The number of admissions to drug treatment programs in Thailand has increased since 2011, where 203,000 people entered drug rehab. In 2012, the number of patients increased to 560,000, and slightly dropped in 2013 to 485,000. (Additional facts about meth addiction here.)

Across the country, there are over 40,000 drug users who inject the drug with needles. Out of the injecting users, 22 percent are infected with HIV.

As of the end of 2013, the price to buy Yaba, or a meth pill on the streets of Thailand was $4.

(More meth prices worldwide.)

Source:  “Rethinking Thailand’s war on methamphetamines,” IRIn, January 13, 2014.