Meth Labs in Ohio

In Fiscal Year 2012, law enforcement officials in the US State of Ohio seized a record 607 meth labs across the state. In the first 8 months of the FY 2013 period, authorities discovered 575 meth labs.

The previous high point of meth labs being operated in the state was back in 2005, when police discovered 444 labs. Due to changes in the law making the sale of pseudoephedrine more difficult, the number of labs discovered by police decreased to 112 in 2008.

(Information on meth addiction and trafficking.)

The current rise in meth labs is due to changes in the production of meth. Police state that cookers of meth use an easier recipe that can cook up a batch of meth in under an hour. Producers generally use a sports-drink bottle due to its durability and can easily move the necessary equipment around in a backpack.

Source:  Holly Zachariah, “Meth labs’ revival spurs new police efforts,” Columbus Dispatch, June 23, 2013.