Medical Marijuana Users in Canada in 2013

As of September 2013, Health Canada reported that there were 37,359 patients who had medical marijuana licenses in Canada. Back in 2002, there were 477 licenses.

4,200 marijuana growers are authorized to produce marijuana. Each grower is only allowed to produce enough marijuana for two patients each.

Under contract with Health Canada, the price for medical marijuana in Canada in 2013 was $4.85 (5 CAD) per gram. On the street, the black market price of marijuana is between $9.72 to $14.56 (10 to 15 CAD).

(Price of marijuana on the black market.)

The Government of Canada estimates that by 2014, there will be 58,000 people who are approved to use medical marijuana. By 2024, the estimated number of patients is forecast to be 450,000.

Source:  Dean Beeby, “Facts and figures on changing medical marijuana rules in Canada,” CTV News, September 29, 2013.