Marijuana From Colorado Trafficked Around United States

23 states across the United States reported seizing marijuana in 2012 that was originally grown in Colorado, according to the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

A pound of medical-grade marijuana grown in Colorado is sold for around $1,500 in the state. If that marijuana is sold in the Eastern United States, where it is still illegal, the pound is sold for double the price.

In neighboring Kansas, 84 percent of the marijuana seized in 2013 is medical-grade. In previous years, 70 percent of the marijuana was “pressed”, which was mostly grown and trafficked from Mexico.

In the first five months of 2013, law enforcement in Kansas seized 2,654 pounds of marijuana and arrested 187 people for drug trafficking charges. 79 of the drug seizures involved marijuana from Colorado, followed by 35 cases of California grown weed.

Source:  Associated Press, “Kansas at crossroads of marijuana trafficking,” Wichita Eagle, July 27, 2013.