Majority of Chinese Did Not Know Ivory Came from Dead Elephants

According to a survey conducted by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), up to 70 percent of people in China did not know that ivory used in products came form dead elephants.  The people surveyed previously thought that ivory simply dropped their ivory in a way that is similar as how humans lose their teeth.

The IFAW started a three year campaign to educate the Chinese public on the origins of ivory, and the role that poachers play in killing the elephants. According to an evaluation of the campaign, 66 percent of those who saw commercials about the ivory trade stated that they would “definitely” not be purchasing ivory products in the future.

(Prices of the illegal wildlife trade.)

Source:  Jeremy Hance, “Advertising campaign changing minds in China on ivory trade,” Mongabay, October 16, 2013.