Toxic Waste Smuggling by the Mafia

7 Billion Euros ($9.9 Billion) worth of toxic waste is smuggled out of the country each year by members of Italian Mafia clans.

The 7 Billion Euros in illegal trash shipments is higher than the 6 Billion Euro that was smuggled in 2008.

13.1 million tons of toxic waste was smuggled out of Italy  in 2003.

Source:  “Italy: Toxic waste traffic ‘worth 7 billion euros a year’,” Adnkronos, August 11, 2009.
2008 Figure: Robin Pomeroy, “Naples garbage is mafia gold,” Reuters, January 9, 2008.
2003 Figure:  Sophie Arie, “Italy’s Mafia banks on trash,” Christian Science Monitor, August 5, 2004.

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