Cost to Learn How to Hack Online

According to a cyber security intelligence expert, criminal hackers are offering online courses that allows aspiring cyber criminals to learn how to hack and conduct cyber crime operations on the Internet. The courses offer lessons on hacking fundamentals such as online credit and debit card fraud, staying anonymous online, and how to evade law enforcement. These online hacking courses costs $75.  Advance hacking techniques and methods such as how to DDos with a botnet are offered for $50.

Most of the instructors are Russian, and the classes are taught in Russian as well. They are generally advertised in popular hacking forums and networks. Classes are conducted online through Skype.

(More prices of services offered by hackers.)

Source: Jaikumar Vijayan, “Hacking courses offer cybercrooks tips on how to hone skills,” ComputerWorld, September 19, 2013.