Kidnapping For Ransom Cases in Karachi, Pakistan in 2013

Criminal justice officials in the Pakistani city of Karachi reported that there were 148 cases of kidnapping for ransom in the first 9 months of 2013, the highest number of kidnappings reported in the city in two decades. 129 cases have been solved.

Intelligence analysts state that there are mainly 5 kidnapping groups operating in Karachi.The targets of the kidnappings are generally wealthy businessman such as bankers or their children. The victims are abducted into pick-ups are are taken out of the city where they are held for ransom. In the ransom demands to families, the kidnappers demand between $941 to $2,823 (100,000  to 300,000 Pakistani Rupee) in ransom. Security officials have reported that if the ransom is not paid, then the hostage is killed and dumped.

35 percent of all kidnapping cases in Karachi involved domestic workers helping the kidnappers.

Source: Salis bin Perwaiz, “Number of kidnapping cases this year highest in two decades,” News International, October 7, 2013.