Price of Kenyan and Ugandan Prostitutes

According to media reports from Africa, men in Kenya are increasing choosing to visit prostitutes from Uganda rather than Kenya due to several factors.

One of the main factors of preference for Uganda prostitutes is due to female genital mutilation (FGM) of Kenyan women. Due to the process of cutting of the labia, many women are unable to feel stimulation during intercourse. Thus, according to men interviewed, they are “boring in bed.”

Another reason is the price. Prostitutes in Kenya charge between $3.20 to $11.25 (8,000 to 28,000 Uganda Shillings). In contrast, prostitutes from Uganda charge between $0.80 to $2.00 (2,000 to 5,000 Schillings).

(World prostitute prices.)

One Uganda prostitute stated that when Somali truck drivers travel through the area, she is able to make up to $500 (500,000 Schillings) a night.

There are about 500 prostitutes working in the area of Malaba, Kenya that borders on Uganda. They women service the hundreds of truck drivers who use the customs point at the border.

(Income from illegal jobs.)

Source:  Pius Opae Papa, “Why Ugandan, Kenyan sex workers are at war,” The Observer(Kenya), January 19, 2014.

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