Ivory Trafficking in Togo

In a single week at the start of 2014, security officials in the African nation of Togo seized nearly four tonnes of ivory at nation’s main port.

While searching a cargo ship headed to Vietnam, authorities discovered nearly 1.7 tonnes of elephant ivory. After further searches, an additional 2.1 tonnes of ivory was discovered.

In 2013, government security agencies at the port seized 700 kilograms of ivory that mostly originated from Chad.

Nearly 100 elephants are killed each day by poachers looking for their tusks. Back in 1900, there were an estimated 10 million elephants in the wild. In 2014, wildlife charities estimate that there are roughly 500,000 elephants remaining.

(More information about elephant poaching here.)

Source:  AFP, “Togo intensifies crackdown on ivory trafficking,” Google News, February 3, 2014.