Impact of Malware from Unlicensed Software in 2013

According to a white paper by IDC and commissioned by Microsoft, businesses will spend $114 Billion in 2013 to deal with malware that was installed through the use of pirated software. Consumers will have to spend 1.5 billion hours in total to deal with malware from pirated software.

The paper, “The Dangerous World of Counterfeit and Pirated Software: How Pirated Software Can Compromise the Cybersecurity of Consumers, Enterprises, and Nations … and the Resultant Costs in Time and Money,” also reported that 78 percent of pirated software is attached with spyware. And out of all installed software that was pirated, 45  percent of users stated that due to major problems the software was eventually uninstalled.

Source:  Peter Butler, “New Microsoft study says your software is counterfeit,” CNet, March 25, 2013.

Read the white paper at Microsoft’s website here (PDF).