Illegal Casinos Shut Down in Russia

Criminal justice agencies in Russia have shut down over 61,000 illegal casinos and gambling dens across the country since a gambling law took effect in 2009.

A total of $17.1 Million in fines have been levied to owners of underground gambling parlors between 2009 and 2013. During the enforcement raids, over 796,000 slot machines and other gambling machines were seized by police.

The 2009 gambling law allowed gambling to be permitted in 4 rural regions, thus creating a black market across the country for illegal casinos. Most of the illegal gambling houses operate under the cover of bingo halls or Internet clubs.

At the end of 2012, security officials estimated that there were 500,000 illegal gambling halls operating across the country.

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Source:  “Russia Has Shut Down 61,000 Illegal Casinos Since Gambling Ban,” RIA Novosti, January 29, 2014.