Identity Theft Crimes in the UK in 2013

Over 129,500 people were recorded as victims of identity theft in the United Kingdom in 2013, according to reports to criminal justice programs. The id theft cases accounted for over 60 percent of all fraud cases in the country, according to a fraud prevention service.

Over 90 percent of identity theft involving plastic card accounts were committed on the Internet.

Criminals targeted credit cards the most, with credit card fraud accounting for 30 percent of all frauds, an increase from 24 percent in 2012. Mortgage fraud in the UK also increased by 26 percent, and loan fraud increased by 55 percent in 2013.

(Prices of online fraud and cyber crimes.)

Source:  Warwick Ashford, “Identity theft linked to 60% of UK fraud in 2013,” ComputerWeekly, March 4, 2014.