Human Trafficking in Ottawa

Estimates released by the anti-human-trafficking group PACT Ottawa states that the human trafficking industry in Ottawa, Canada generates up to $23.48 Million (26 Million Canadian) a year. At least 150 women are victims of human trafficking and are forced to work in the prostitution industry in Ottawa, according to the group. Most of the victims are from Ottawa.

One victim who was interviewed by the media stated that she was forced to have sex with as many as 7 men in one day. Each customer paid $300 for sex.

According to PACT Ottawa, a human trafficker in the area who controls 3 women can make up to $496,000 (550,000 CAD) in revenue in a single year.

(More prices of humans for sale.)

Source:  Derek Spalding, “Human trafficking in Ottawa: At least 150 women used as sex slaves, research suggests,” Ottawa Citizen, February 3, 2014.