Human Smuggling From the United States into Canada

In 2011, security services in Canada arrested 487 people attempting to be smuggled into Canada. from the United States.  In 2010, there were 308 arrests.

There were more people attempting to be smuggled into Canada from the US than going from Canada to the US.  In 2011, there were 360 people who were arrested for attempting to be smuggled into the United States from Canada, down from 376 in 2010.

Law enforcement agencies in Canada state that 115 organized crime groups and 106 “criminal entrepreneurs” are actively involved in smuggling black market goods between the two country.

For human smuggling, the gangs would arrange a ride for a migrant to an isolated area near the border. Then, the migrant to told to walk through the area (often through the woods) to the United States, where another driver is waiting to pick them up.

Source:  Jim Bronskill, “Human smuggling to Canada from U.S. on the rise: report,” Vancouver Sun, November 20, 2013.