Human Smuggling from Myanmar to Thailand

A human smuggler in Thailand can make a profit of $320 (10,000 Thai Baht) for each Myanmar adult that is smuggled into Thailand. The profit is based after the costs that the smuggler must pay, such as bribes and costs associated with operating their boat.

The costs of the bribes when paying police and security service officials are as follows:

Thai navy boats usually earn about $65 (2,000 baht) for allowing a smuggling boat to pass through without action, and police in Thailand collect $160 (5,000 baht) for each migrant, or $6,100 (500,000 baht) for a boat filled with 100 migrants.

(More corruption in police services here.)

Source:  Padang Besar, “Thai authorities implicated in Rohingya Muslim smuggling network,” Reuters, July 17, 2013.