Human smuggling drop houses in Texas

During Fiscal Year 2012, authorities in the Texas region of the Border Patrol found over 2,000 illegal immigrants in over 80 houses where human smugglers stash them during the course of the transport. In the same region in Fiscal Year 2011, authorities found 1,012 illegal immigrants in 69 stash houses.

Customs and Border Patrol officials in the United States find that many of the human smuggling operations were moving towards Texas from Arizona. In Fiscal Year 2008, law enforcement in Phoenix found 3,221 people in 186 human smuggling stash houses. In FY 2011, police apprehended 805 people in 51 stash houses.

Source:  Manny Fernandez, “For Many Illegal Entrants Into U.S., a Particularly Inhospitable First Stop,” New York Times, May 26, 2012.